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How Clickbait helped me realise I was old. You won’t believe what happened next!



Point taken


So I was talking to an old friend recently about birthdays, and he was echoing a sentiment that I too had previously held about this annual anniversary, aka The Day Of Dread. That day when friends and family go out of their way to make your birthday great by (rather pointedly I feel) reminding you that the glory days of your youth are even longer past, some part of your anatomy is probably about to start failing, and senility and possibly even incontinence are just over the horizon which is oh look – that much closer! My Amateur Armchair Psychologist Antennae had sprung to full attention when this friend confessed that he had hated every birthday since somewhere around his 25th, because as an ACoN I too understand the power of birthdays over those of us who were badly damaged as children; birthdays are painful reminders that we are physically aging but yet still unable to grow up into adulthood.

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